We’re Back

Poulet chef copyrighted do not copyParts of Bluehost went down yesterday. Mostly VPS and dedicated servers. They are slowly coming back today. My site was down for 27 hours (ouch).

The cause was a firmware update in the router system. They were not forthright with the cause for 18 hours. In addition the lack of redundant backup systems and emergency planning was appalling. I’m trying to decide to move or not move. The last 3 months have been great but this was horrible.

Now I can work on posts again. Bow Wow Wednesday should be done tomorrow afternoon. Bow Wow Friday anybody?

Sorry for all the inconvenience.


September 4 2014


  1. Nancy says

    Yes, I missed you yesterday…missed seeing the “cuties”….happy that all is up and running again….will follow. :)

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