Bow Wow Wednesday #11

Time to smell or eat the flowers

Time to stop and smell (or eat) the flowers

Welcome to the last of the weekly updates. I will still occasionally do a Bow Wow Wednesday but not weekly. Also look for the girls to appear randomly in recipe posts. They are the blog mascots you know.

The Week in Review. Only a few highlights. We continue to go to school. Molly had a great puppy class doing a 50 second sit and stay at only 4 months old. Good Puppy. We are practicing for school and enjoy our neighborhood walks. We meet lots of people and seem to be quite popular.

We are out of our puppy harnesses now so daddy is having a harder time with our names but he is trainable.

Molly 17 weeks

Molly 17 weeks

Lilly 17 weeks

Lilly 17 weeks

Molly with flowers

Molly with flowers

Lilly with flowers

Lilly with flowers

The end for now

The End For Now

September 4 2014

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    • says

      I will do an occasional Bow Wow Wednesday but they were “taking over” the blog for a while. Also watch the recipes and there will be an occasional dog picture.

  1. Cheryl says

    Lilly and Molly are beautiful. We have a Lilly, Buzzby, Paddy and Emmalin. Would love to see some doggie treat recipes with your Bow Wow blogs. :-). Just found your site today…looking forward to trying your recipes. Thank you

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