Bow Wow Wednesday – #3

Molly and Lilly at 9 Weeks from 101 Cooking For TwoWelcome to Bow Wow Wednesday – the ongoing adventures of Molly and Lilly.

The difference between 8 week and 9 weeks of age may not seem like much but we are much bigger and stronger. We are no longer allowed to walk outside off leash. Way too fast and curious. We have good potty days (mostly) and bad potty days (Sunday). Molly is gaining weight faster but at play time it does not seem to matter.

Molly and Lilly with stuffed dog 9 weeks

With their favorite toy.

Molly and Lilly 9 weeks Send Toys

Send more toys…. we are running low.

Molly with toys 9 weeks

Should I really be chewing on the Michigan Frisbee?

Molly and Lilly 9 weeks eating

Carb loading for energy.

Molly and Lilly 9 weeks full speed

Full speed ahead….

And then….Molly 9 weeks nappingLilly 9 weeks napping

September 4 2014



  1. Bonnie K (BornInaZoo) says

    I love these updates. My “puppies” are 7, 8 & 9 … still do the same thing. And this Upper Michigan winter is really taking a toll on our weights.

    • says

      I just have to share this. I have so many pictures, I have to do some posts.

      I usually don’t complain about Michigan weather but really this is getting very old. A February thaw is usually enough to keep me sane. I missed my small winter get away and now no thaw… and almost not sane anymore…

      Thanks for the note

  2. Laura R says

    Cute fuzzy puppies… my weakness! And an excellent addition to the blog, it would be selfish to not share :)

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