Bow Wow Wednesday – #4

Molly and Lilly 10 weeks from 101 Cooking For TwoWelcome to Bow Wow Wednesday #4. Our heroines continue their march to dog-hood.

They are growing like the proverbial weeds. At last Friday’s puppy checkup (with shots) Molly was 13.6 pounds up from 9.75 and Lilly 9.0 to 11.0 pounds. Yep… little fuzzy weeds.

So on with the pictures. Today we also have videos. (I found out my SLR had video).

Lilly rings to walk bell 10 weeks

Lilly rings the outside bell. Usually it’s Molly. Time for outside fun…

Molly and Lilly Kong 10 weeks

Time to relax with a well-earned Kong


September 4 2014




    • says

      Kongs are hollow hard rubber toys that come in various sizes and shapes. They are made to stuff with treats or food. That makes the dog work harder and and keeps them happy longer.

  1. Christina Clayton says

    I love watching your puppies grow each week – thanks for sharing their (you) journey.

    We too use the bell system on the door to let us know when the dogs need an outside break. I am surprised they are learning this at such an early age. It took our dog a while and more than a few accidents inside before it became routine.

    • says

      My wife made the bells and a few days later we found them at a pet store on sale for less then the materials cost…
      We were surprised they are doing so well. Still some accidents but mostly success.

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