Bow Wow Wednesday #7

13 Weeks Molly and Lilly

Spring Time in Michigan

Welcome to Bow Wow Wednesday #7. Our heroines, Molly and Lilly English Golden Retrievers, are now 3 months old (13 weeks).

We had our check up and shots on Friday. First the stats. Lilly 17.5  up from 11.0 pounds  and Molly 20.5 up from 13.6 pounds. All was well other than a slight heart murmur to watch. After our checkup it was off to the office for a visit with “the girls” … we charmed them all.

We have out grown Tuesday puppy play time but will be going to Thursday night for the “big puppies”. We can go up stairs even better and get to go up stairs with mommy and daddy frequently. We have been very good upstairs except a couple of accidents. We don’t chew all the non-dog things we find there.

Sorry for the boring report. Maybe you can see our baths next week…

Lilly 13 Weeks

Lilly 13 Weeks

Molly 13 Weeks

Molly 13 Weeks

September 4 2014


  1. says

    They’re adorable!!!! Love their names too and it sounds like they’re progressing well. They sound well-behaved too, great they’re not chewing shoes, etc. :-)

    • says

      Thanks for the note Pam
      They have found the occasional shoe but not often. The main floor is not “puppy proofed” and they have done wonderful there. They are so darn cute and active. They have taken over the house. I’m beginning to feel they are taking over the blog also and my need to slow it down some but I already have next weeks video…


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