Bow Wow Wednesday #8

Molly and Lilly 14 Weeks

Playing Nice

Welcome to Bow Wow Wednesday. The ongoing life’s and challenges of puppyhood for our heroines, English Golden Retrievers Molly and Lilly,  who are now 14 weeks old.

Molly 14 weeks

Molly 14 weeks

Lilly 14 weeks

Lilly 14 weeks

As we rejoin the girls, it’s bath time in puppy land. (videos below)

Molly Bath

Molly… not my best day

Lilly... enjoying a leisurely bath.

Lilly… enjoying a leisurely bath.

The snow is melting fast. This may present a problem soon since we only poop and piddle on snow. A new skill will soon be needed.

We have had no special adventures other than longer neighborhood walks. No puppy play time (daddy was sick).  No PetsMart, banned by the vet. Maybe play time this week and the dog park awaits if the weather is nice this weekend. And soon (a few weeks) puppy school. YES!!!!

Doggies in the Window

Who are those doggies in the window. We keep barking at them and they don’t go anywhere.


September 4 2014


  1. Kate/Massachusetts says

    lol! So cute! Molly looks so miserable in her bath. Why did the pet ban PetsMart? Hope you are feeling better. There has been major plague this winter. Its definitely time for Spriing!

    • says

      Molly does express herself, Lilly is more of a lover. Different personalities in sisters.
      The vet has seen many illness that he blames on uncontrolled exposure and he thinks that PetsMart is the worse of the worse. Clerks touching many dogs without washing (I wash/sanitize between siblings so 40-50 times per day) plus the shopping carts and floor. So we will respect his professional opinion on the subject. I guess I should have suspected. Just not thinking…
      I’m fine. That was my second full day off sick in over 30 years. My exposure rate is huge so I should miss 10 plus days per year.


  2. Brandi says

    So happy to have found your page/site/blog while googling how to make the best chicken drumsticks on the grill….Dogs and Recipes …two of my favorite things in the world ❤

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