Giveaway – TimeStick by ThermoWorks

timestick giveawayThe fine folks at ThermoWorks are celebrating the success of the TimeStick, their new product, with a one week only sale for $19 which is 24% off.  In addition they are sponsoring this giveaway. Both end Midnight March 6 th.

I love my TheromoWorks Themopen thermometer and always call it my one must have kitchen tool. The TimeStick is the same high quality and a very handy little timer. So on with the simple rules.

Congratulations to the winner A.R. and the TimeStick should be on the way from ThermoWorks soon.


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The Puppies are Coming

Jake+flowersThis is a hard post to write. We lost a much loved member of the family last month when Jake, our 12 1/2 year old golden retriever died of osteosarcoma of the jaw. Jake had served as unofficial mascot of this blog and you will find his pictures scattered around where I needed a picture for various reasons.


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Super Bowl Party Food – 2014

Superbowl party food -2014 from 101 Cooking For TwoSuperbowl parties are a great time. After all it is about the food and the commercials. And a few people will actually watch the game. But for a food blogger it’s all about the food.  Football is “Man Ball” time so I’m offering meat only suggestions. I have some great pizzas and other recipes (check out the Recipe Index) for the non meat dishes.

Healthy New Years 2014

Have a Healthy and Happy New Years.  3 years ago (2010) I heard way too much BS on diets and health going into the New Years holiday. I just couldn’t take it anymore so I whipped off an “I’m mad as h_ll, and I’m not going to take this anymore!” post.

It felt  so good after and it was a great public service announcement. Here’s a rerun since it continues today.  I have made this an annual December 31st event.(It is now officially a tradition with this being the fourth year)…. 

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Giveaway – My second annual holiday giveaway

COOKBOOK GIVEAWAY - Come and enter 101 Cooking For Two's Second Annual Holiday Giveaway

So yesterday, I gave you some holiday gift giving ideas.
Today I have a gift for you as a thank you. Why?

  1. For much more attention and traffic than I  deserve sometimes
  2. My lack of posts this fall due to blog issues – I will do better
  3. To many 404′s and formatting issue due to the Word Press migration – I’m working on it.
  4. Just because I want to…

Last year my giveaway was to celebrate 2,000,000 page views. I’m now over 6 so I’m paying for this myself and Amazon will be Santa for me but it won’t make it for Christmas…. 

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