The recipes

Here you will find everyday recipes mostly for two (with frequent left overs) presented in a simple logical manor. Less fuss – more results for the lazy in all of us. While most recipes will be healthy there will be an occasional side trip in the other direction.

Many are family recipes from the family only recipe site I maintained for many years. Most are adaptions and combination’s of many recipes from many sites. If the recipe came mainly from somewhere I can identify, I identify them and I will many time recommend reading those
site and include a link.

While 101 generally means that I will keep it basic enough for the beginner, I hope to make things interesting enough for the intermediate cook. I will use commonly available ingredients to get the best results with the least work.

Please join me for some good food and some fun along the way.

Why are the recipes not always (or even frequently) “for two”?

Yep many have “lots of leftovers” (see sub-title of the blog). Most of the meat recipes are scalable to whatever number is needed. Many recipes that we enjoy (two of us) or I want to try come down to one or two component that can not be conveniently subdivided. One egg. A can of beans or crushed tomatoes. Or one piece of a vegetable or fruit. It’s throw it away or use it.

Also at times I will do a bigger recipe since leftover are almost required at our house due to my schedule. I’m cooking for two, not all the recipes are for two… I have several times considered converting to only “for two” recipes but it just doesn’t fit our “for two” home.

I do have 95+% of the recipes labeled with number of servings and I am working on a “Tips for Two” page that will help some of the issues.

What I modify and why?

I’m a simple guy and want to have simple and good recipes. I will eliminate what I believe to be BS in a method. I will simplify ingredients. I will change spices somewhat but not much of that.

The recipes will mostly have ingredients that are simple and readily available. I will rarely use a specific sauce or commercial seasoning mix. I want to create my own and I know you won’t have those available.

About comments

Comments are always welcome, I would especially like you to comment if you do a modification of one of my recipes. Constructive criticism always welcome but rude or obnoxious comments are not welcome and will not be published. I will be the sole and final judge of what is published on this site. Get your own site if you want to be rude.

While I will not publish comments that advertise your commercial product, if you have a food related blog, please include a link to your site. If I consider it a blog in the same sense as mine, I will be happy to give you some free advertising.

Lastly, I will not post anonymous comments. Man up and use your name or go away. Anonymous comments are always spam anyways.

Nutritional Information

I have neither the time nor the expertise to provide this analysis.  You can get a sense of the nutrition from the ingredients and there are web sites that will analyze this for you. I will occasionally hazard a guess on some nutrition of a recipe. Take that as my best estimate not fact.

Frequency of Posts

This will be somewhat irregular. I will try for 1-2 per week and have been more than that up to this point. But as I repeat recipes (I did them because I liked them) I believe this will decrease.

Money, links and advertizing

I will not exchange links. The links I provide are ones I use. Post some comments and I may check your blog out.

I do not do sponsored posts. I’m not worth what I would charge you for it. Plus this is about helping people learn to cook, not sell your product.

I do not want your samples. With the new FTC rules, a sample is almost a sure way not to get mentioned in my blog. While you may feel your product is God’s gift to man, it would have to be before I talk about it online.

I do not have guest bloggers. It’s my hobby, get your own toy.

Giveaways: The few I have done have been sponsored by me. If you want to do a giveaway with a nice product I like, we can talk.

Direct advertizing. Maybe but I’m not cheap. Give me an offer.

Final Words

So please come join me as we explore together good everyday cooking. I will keep it simple. I will try to keep it good and I will mostly keep it healthy with an occasional trip to the dark side.

Relax and enjoy life. It’s only food, not live and death. I do see that. Put it in prospective. If it fails, order pizza.

Contact Information

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