Father’s Day Giveaway from Thermowork

Father's Day Thermoworks-Giveaway Enter at 101 Cooking For TwoFather’s  day is coming fast and you’ve got butkus… nada…nothin’ . Time to win a toy for dad ( or yourself). And since almost nobody enters my contests, you have a great chance to win one of three prizes.

And the winners are….

Laura M  Laura R- Chefalarm
Spoorthy Richard- ThermoPop
joanna – TimeStick

Watch your email tonight for instructions.




Thanks to the fine folks at Thermoworks, I have three toys to give away. And they should be delivered by Father’s Day directly from them.

chef alarm from thermopenPrize #1: The ChefAlarm is a professional oven thermometer and has been Rated #1 by Cook’s Magazine.
thermopop from ThermopenPrize #2: The ThermoPop. Super-Fast readings are within the final degree in only 5 to 6 seconds! Designed for serious chefs and professionals, the ThermoPop features big digits and a backlight for dark conditions.

timestick from ThermopenPrize #3: The TimeStick. A handy dandy pocket time.

Molly 4.5 months old

Mandatory Dog Pictures – Molly


The Rules

The prizes will be given away in the above order. First winner will get the ChefAlarm, second the ThermoPop and third the TimeStick.

To win you must do two easy things:

  1. Pin on Pinterest the graphic at the end of this post (the “Pin it to win it graphic”).
  2. Then leave a comment below (on this site not Pinterest) just saying you pinned the image. Also I would appreciate it if you would email 2 of your email friends to enter also.
  3. Don’t forget to enter an email address in the comment form so I can reach you. You do not need to leave an email address in the body of your comment but PLEASE be sure to enter contact information in the comment form.  If I can’t reach you, you can’t win. I do use aggressive spam filters and if you comment does not appear rapidly try again. If you comment violates my comment policy, it will be deleted and you entry will be invalid.
  4. The give away starts now and ends at 6 PM Eastern daylight saving time on June 8.
  5. Random.org will be used to generate random numbers which will be used to assign winners to the prizes. I will post the winners on this post and email to the address provided. If the winner’s email is invalid or if no response in 24 hours then a reserve winner will be chosen for that prize.
  6. Limited to residents of the US and Canada.
  7. I will be the final judge regarding any discrepancies, interpretations, grievances, etc about this drawing.



Father's Day Giveaway at 101 Cooking For TwoUpdated
September 4 2014



  1. Beth says

    I pinned the image! I like your blog a lot, and I’ve shared it with numerous friends. Also the puppies are wonderful.

  2. deborah m. lavalette says

    hello there!
    just wanted you to know how much I enjoy your site and thaks for all the things I have pinned on pinterest! as a mom of 7 I can cook for an army, but with all the kids on their own with their own familys now, I just can’t seem to be able to cook for just one or two!!!!! again thank you so much for giving me the help I need…

  3. Donna Randall says

    I pinned the image! I just joined about 2 weeks ago and have used several recipes already. Thank you

  4. joanna says

    I pinned the image!! I’m always on your site for the meat recipes so I was excited to see a giveaway!! I hope I win! My stepdad would love these toys haha

  5. Laura Madsen says

    I pinned it and I would love to win any of the three. For myself. My dad doesn’t really cook. Any other Dad ideas?

  6. Emily C says

    I love your blog, have been an email subscriber for several months now. Great recipes! I pinned the image, and am hopeful to win one of those fabulous Thermoworks products :)

  7. Jen says

    I pinned it! My husband sent me your recipe for the sweet and spicy bacon wrapped chicken. I made it and it is the best thing I’ve put in my mouth! Lol. The absolute best part about discovering your website is that it has inspired me to begin grilling. My husband has been the household grill master since we were married (almost 15 years ago) but this week mom has been on the grill at least twice and the kiddos (5, 7, and 11) have loved it! Your recipes are simple and the instructions are perfect. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You have inspired me and I thank you so very much!

  8. Shawn says

    I pinned your image! I really enjoy your blog and use it all the time! I have also introduced it to many of my friends. I love being able to look up a recipe and already have all the ingredients necessary to cook it!

  9. Kathy M says

    I pinned it. I love your site and use many of your recipes. Love the puppies they are getting so big!

  10. Angie Phillips says

    I pinned it! And invited a couple friends do the same! You have a great site! My husband and I have really enjoyed cooking through your index! Thanks a bunch!

  11. Laura R says

    I pinned the image! Been reading this blog for a while and find it quite helpful, now the obligatory doggy pics are icing on the cake :)

    • Laura R says

      Yaaaaay!!!!!! Happy Birthday to me!!
      My probe thermometer went kaput last Thanksgiving and I haven’t been able to replace it yet, this is the best surprise ever! 😀

  12. Spoorthy says

    I’ve pinned it. I would love to win one of the three gifts for my dad. He is an awesome cook just like you :)

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