How to Cook Bacon in the Oven

Cooking Bacon in the Oven from 101 Cooking For TwoBACON LOVERS UNITE! Step by Step photo instructions for baking bacon in the oven with no mess. This is the simple method to have that most unhealthy of treats.  Yep, it is that easy. What a recipe… And you have been suffering for all these years.

I initially though the taste would be different if you oven baked it. Nope. It tastes the same.

I did review a lot of methods. Some people put the bacon on a rack to drain the fat. I passed on that since the best bacon to my taste is cooked near the end of frying when you are essentially deep frying in the fat. I didn’t want to miss that taste. Plus I didn’t want to clean the rack.

Some methods “wrinkled” the aluminum foil to get more wave in the bacon. I tried both methods and I will stay “flat” … it still had some wave in it.


A five. How could great bacon be anything else?

Notes:  I used thick slice Hormel Black Label bacon from Sam’s Club. I highly recommend this as one of the top bacon commonly available. I’m from Iowa and I know pig but use whatever you want.

A thinner bacon will cook faster of course. Your done point is that it “looks done”. Don’t expect it to look different than pan fried. I like my bacon very crispy so I use 18-22 minutes depending on the oven and the bacon.

You can also start with a cold oven and add a few minutes. Or use a different temperature if you’re cooking something else. Of course adjust your time a little again.

How to Cook Bacon in the Oven
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
BACON LOVERS UNITE! Step by Step photo instructions for baking bacon in the oven with no mess. This is the simple method to have that most unhealthy of treats.
Recipe type: bacon
Cuisine: American
Serves: 10 slices
  • 9-10 slices Bacon of your choice
  • 1 large sheet aluminum foil (heavy duty preferred)
  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees convection. Or start with a cold oven and add a few minutes.
  2. Line a sheet pan with a large sheet of aluminum foil (heavy duty preferred) and turn up edges. Place bacon on sheet close together but not touching. (9-10 pieces).
  3. Place in middle of over. Go do something else for 18 minutes and come back. Time will vary with thickness of the bacon and your taste. It is done when it looks done. I like my bacon very crispy so I use 20-22 minutes with thick bacon.
  4. Drain on paper towels and pat "dry" with another paper towel.
  5. Eat.

July 5 2014


  1. says

    Had too cook it a few minutes longer, but EASY clean up & I didn’t get popped with grease or have to stand there flipping bacon! Turned out perfect & was able to cook all the rest of breakfast, while bacon took care of itself :)

  2. says

    This is definitely a “your time may vary” recipe. The bacon, the oven and the crispiness you want dictates the time. Just remember it is done when it looks done.

  3. says

    Will it stick to the foil? Haven’t yet found an oven method where my bacon doesn’t stick, but could be the type of bacon I’m using.

    • Lynne says

      I put mine on parchment paper on a jelly roll pan….it never sticks and for clean up I just wait to grease is hard…. Well till we have had breakfast and it grease just peels right off pan with just some residual grease left to clean off pan when you toss paper out….I have been doing my bacon like this for years now and my family loves it:)

    • says

      Mine rarely stick any. The occasional minimal sticking isn’t worth the mess to me. However some of the thinner and higher sugar bacons may stick more and then the parchment might be worth it.

  4. Sarah says

    Thank you so much for your amazing recipes. We tried your drumsticks last night and they were the best. I’ll try this one soon!

  5. fritz buzzard says

    This definitely has possibilities. My first attempt went a little too long (~14 minutes) but I used bacon of normal thickness. Next time I will try 10 minutes.

    Up until now I had done bacon in the skillet with olive oil. That, plus the fat released by the bacon created an almost ‘deep fry’ effect and the result was light, crispy bacon – really not too bad. I will have to run the oven method by my wife. She is the bacon lover in the family. Interesting experiment, though. Thanks.

  6. says

    This is variable with bacon thickness and your oven. It may stick more if you bacon is high in sugar. I only use thick black label and it take 20-22 minutes every time and almost never has any sticking. I like the “deep fry” effect also and this does it. Some people use a rack or wrinkle the foil. Not for me.
    Thanks for the comment and have fun experimenting.

  7. Lia says

    I was looking for a good oven bacon recipe, since I’ve never tried it before. I started reading yours, and I was thinking “she knows her bacon.” And then you mentioned one of my favorites – Hormel Black Label. I’m an Iowa girl myself, so when you mentioned this, I laughed and wasn’t surprised! If you ever get to Kansas City, the only thing I’ve ever found better than Black Label is Boar’s Head. It’s at Hen House grocery stores, and I highly recommend it. I haven’t tried you’re directions yet, but I’m about to for a recipe for my family back in Iowa!

    • says

      I do believe I’ve had Boar’s Head 35 plus years ago. We spent two years in Kansas City and loved it. We still have Gate’s BBQ sauce sent in by the case. I do highly recommend Black Label. An excellent bacon.

      Pay attention since there is some variability due to your oven, thickness of bacon and sugar content of the bacon.

      And really “she knows her bacon”… hummmm… DrDan

      Thanks for the note.

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