Marlowe’s of Memphis

Marlowe's of Memphis

So I have been MIA for a while… lots of excuses but I’m thinking of you as I’m setting in my room at The Peabody in Memphis. We came for a pediatric convention but we drove in a little early. Time for some sight seeing and I decided a side trip was in order. We went to a famous place on Elvis Presley Boulevard. Go south past Graceland and the Piggy Wiggly and you will find the world famous Marlowe’s.

This is the place I wanted to go to in Memphis. I like Elvis music in small doses but my wife does not and staring at stuff from the 50’s just is not on my bucket list… but Marlowe’s was. Don’t get me wrong there is plenty of Elvis here but a quit tolerable amount even for her. She just had to get use to U of M being Memphis and not Michigan. It looks like almost any BBQ place/bar in the country. Come in blue jeans, not your Sunday best… You will get messy because I think eating ribs must be with fingers.

First I made two mistakes. The first was arriving at 2:30 pm. The Memphis app said the hours were noon to 3 am. Wrong, they open at 4 pm. We hadn’t eaten for 5-6 hours but we went downtown and checked in at The Peabody and went back.

Marlowe's of Memphis Ribs

Second mistake, we ordered the ribs for two at the suggestion of out wonderful waiter. Another mistake… it came with one slab of ribs which is our usual… but it took only 5 minutes to devour that. Not that it was small, it was just that good. We decide to forego desert and get a second slab. It didn’t surprise the waiter at all.


rating system 5

Absolutely a 5. Very highly recommended. I tend to like my ribs falling off the bones. These pulled off the bone cleanly but did not fall off. Just fine with me. Great taste and just the right amount of smoke.

sides at Marlowe's of Memphis

A note about the sides. I’m a baked bean hater. I goes way back to Campbell’s Pork and Beans as a child. I absolutely hated them and have refused anything similar for years. I have tried variations highly recommended by others but really these are the first I enjoyed and  I cleaned my bowl.

Marlowe's of Memphis 2

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