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I have been on vacation so no cooking for a while but I do have a couple of posts in the works.

But I’m announcing two things. First is a series on things that are useful for “cooking for two”. This has been suggested many times to me but I have resisted.  It sounds simple but is not. I want to cover the pantry, pots and pans, tools and maybe a cookbook or two. So far it looks like 4-5 posts. If there is something you want covered, please post a comment.

Second, I have started another blog – kind of. Not much of a blog. It is just things I feel like talking about. I was going to make a static page on this site, but it would be hard for others to comment so a second blog was needed. The first real post is up about childhood obesity. Check it out of you want to hear me grump. Link below and in sidebar.

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September 5 2014


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