Support Breast Cancer Research FREE

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In 10 seconds you can give $3 to breast cancer research and it won’t cost you a cent.

I’m not the best at keeping up on email. Things come in and I just put them off until later which can be weeks and then they are out of date. That is easy with 12 hour work days. Well this is not out of date. In the monthly email this morning Dave at eRecipeCards had this wonderful find.

YOU CAN GIVE $3 TO BREAST CANCER RESEARCH and it will cost you NOTHING. ( I love shouting).

See link here

Oh Nuts will contribute up to $3 for just a few clicks. Check this out for each Facebook like, Tweet and Google +1 they will contribute one dollar for each you do. That is free money for breast cancer. Get on the stick and do it now. I have already.

A special thanks to Oh Nuts for this promotion and give eRecipeCards a visit also.


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