The Top 10 For 2010 – Part 2 – My Picks

Part 1 was easy. Just check the Google stats and you know your 10 most popular. Part 2 is harder. It’s somewhat like picking your favorite child and then ranking them. But here I good…

#10 An oldy but goody at my house. Great taste in a simple and healthy recipe.

#9 The ultra easy fries.  A not so healthy but very tasty recipe.


#8 Listed as the top Mac and Cheese by
Alton Brown  in Food Network’s “America’s Best: Top 10 Comfort Foods” from
Zingerman’s Roadhouse in Ann Arbor.


 #7 I don’t do a lot of sweets so when I do it has to be great and this was.


 #6  I love white chili with chicken and this is the best I have ever tasted.

#5  Another soup that is not just wonderful but also wonderfully simple.

# 4  My wife’s Mom’s Day treat. Very evil with a zillion calorie and a ton of fat. But you only live once and blueberries have antioxidants right.

#3 This has been listed as my “one must try recipe” and I’m leaving it there. Any of the top 3 could be there.  This is the only overlap from the most popular posts.

#2  The phrase I use for this BBQ sauce is that it could make cardboard taste good.

 #1 Julia Child’s French Bread is the ultimate in Artist Breads. A wonderful loaf, simplified and the best bread I have ever had and not hard nor complicated to make.

A bonus if you got this far. Here are a few other top ten lists from other bloggers. Give them a try and if you like what you see, become a follower and give them a click.

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Do you have another top ten list. Post it in the comments. Please blogs only, commercial sites will be deleted.


  1. says

    I just didn’t think the most popular really were the best. It is hard to choose and then the raking is even harder and I’m sure I would have some variation on any given day but I’m very happy with this list.

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