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Zip List is gone as of 1/1/2015. Try Yummly.

I’m pleased to announce two changes that will make 101 Cooking For Two more useful for you.

First is a cleanup of the print function. This has been an issue at times for the last year and a half. All recipes now have a working print function. Almost all the print buttons are located within the “rich snippet” area of the post at the bottom of the post (the recipe area with the border around it). See the graphic below for an example. This button will take you to my Google Site that has the print files for 101 Cooking For Two where it should automatically print a formatted recipe without pictures.

how to use ziplist

The second, I have teamed up with They power a total FREE online universal recipe box with shopping list, meal planning and other functions that can be accessed from anywhere including your mobile device. The free mobile apps are available for many devices. Check them out.

Signup with ZipList now. You can quickly create your free account by visiting the Recipe Box. Once logged in, you can add favorite recipes to your personal recipe box from 101 Cooking For Two,, and Epicurious as well as many other food blogs and sites. You will also be able to add the ingredients to the handy shopping list.

Except for a few very early recipes on the blog, all recipes have the handy “Save Recipe” button within the recipe for you.

You can access your personal recipe box when you save a recipe or trough the “ZipList Recipe Box” link at the top of the blog.

blog toolbar demo

There are additional links to ZipList and some of their functions in the sidebar.

Give this new features a test run and you will be hooked.

February13 2015


  1. says

    I like Ziplist and may end up going to it. Right now I’ve been using Recipage and liking it. From the blogging platform, how do you like it? Do you just copy and paste HTML from Ziplist or is there another user interface to get it into blogger?

  2. says

    I was originally looking to fix my print issues. The way I do rich snippets has a print function that has never worked well.

    Ziplist does have a print function but not in Blogger, just WordPress appearently. I ended up putting them on the site anyways since I really needed to fix the print issues which meant a manual editing of every post anyways. I have combined their HTML with my print function and paste it in manually. It’s no extra work due to the print issues.

  3. Mindi says

    So glad you are on Ziplist. I discovered it a few months ago and it’s completely changed how I plan meals and find recipes. I’ve just added a few more of your recipes today. Can’t wait to try them. Thanks for a great blog!

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