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Welcome to My Cooking Blog

I’m DrDan and I created 101 Cooking for Two. I’ve always been good at cooking and my monster cookies are famous. I have progressively taken over the cooking and now do most of  it.


I’m a practicing pediatrician in West Michigan, but I hide behind my “nom de plume” DrDan because my professional life is way too busy to let the two overlap. This blog is a HOBBY. I spend a few hours per week of “wind down” time on this. It combines my old computer programing background with my love of cooking and my desire to learn more photography. It just fits as a hobby.

As with medicine, I will bring a scientifically critical eye to my cooking.  I will try to explain things and give you options that will work in your everyday kitchen. However, I’m not a trained chef and I will be learning along with you what works for us home cooks.

Since my wife and I eat everything I cook, I only cook what we like and can consume. Some recipes are for more than two since left overs fit very well into our life style.

So please come join me as we explore together good everyday cooking. I will keep it simple. I will try to keep it good and I will mostly keep it healthy with an occasional trip to the dark side.

Please have a relaxed look around. I’m sure you will find something you like. Leave a comment and feel free to share with your family and friends with the social media links. I hope you enjoy your visit here and come back again. I’m always open to suggestions and welcome ideas.

Relax and enjoy life. It’s only food, not life and death. I do see that. Put it in perspective. If it fails, order pizza.

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